Things I’ve learned from Law & Order:SVU

For those of us out there who are huge Law and Order: SVU fans like myself, you probably watch multiple episodes a week and this in turn has probably shaken your faith in humanity.  Over the years, I have learned a great many things about life from this show.  Here they are in no particular order.

1. The first suspect is never guilty.

2. If there a a high profile actor or actress in the episode, they are either guilty or a lawyer.

3. Black people are almost never child molesters.

4. Mariska Hargitay is so sexy, its almost sinful.

5. Every Assitant District Attorney is quite cute and brilliant.

6. Medical examiners are also hot and they never get messy.

7. Eliott Stabler cannot be killed.

8. Shootings occur in police stations at least once a year.

9. Dead bodies are never disfigured.

10. The co-producer’s name is Speed Weed.  Don’t believe me, watch the opening credits during the beginning of the show.

11. If you are walking around New York, having a discussion with someone, or just doing any normal activity, you will probably stumble upon a dead body.

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3 Responses to Things I’ve learned from Law & Order:SVU

  1. Nice… do you watch Rizzoli and Isles. It’s the chick version on TNT, summer programming. Basically the same thing, but fun dialogue and takes place in Boston. Angie Harmon (detective) and Sasha Alexander (medical examiner) is in it. The only ones in your list that don’t apply to this show is #7 and #10. Fun show…


  2. Andrew Aguirre says:

    I like Law&Order also!! I actually have noticed all of what you put except number 10. Stabler is like the daytime Batman and ,I think her name is Olivia in the show??, is like wonderwoman. Yup that’s my impression of them. It’s a great show though just because of Ice T. He just makes the show sometimes because every time I see I think he is going to break out into a rap. Lol


  3. Michael Garza says:

    I also notice the big guest stars are always some kind of sexual criminal, and hispanic people are never guilty unless its a small time crime. This show has total power over me when it comes to how i feel about the criminal. when they get away with the crime i get pissed off. Amazing show. i also love irony that the gangsta ice t plays a detective,


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