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Good night, sweet princess

I was born in 1977, the same year that Star Wars was released; legend has it that I first saw it when I was three months old.  I guess you could say that from the very beginning Carrie Fisher shaped … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad- the review (some spoilers)

So I finally broke down and spent the $5.99 to watch what was once highly anticipated for me, Warner Brother’s Suicide Squad.  I had pretty high expectations (in spite of all the negative comments I had heard) after all, I … Continue reading

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Blade Runner: 2049

The trailer for the much anticipated follow up to one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time, Blade Runner was released earlier this week.  The trailer (which is actually more of a teaser) gives us a bit of … Continue reading

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Rogue One- the review (spoiler free)

If one was to marry the action and adventure feeling of the original Star Wars (A New Hope) and the overall tone of Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) their offspring would be Rogue One.  Arguably the best entry in … Continue reading

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Despicable Me 3

The good people at Universal/Illumination have released the trailer for their upcoming sequel Despicable Me 3.   This latest entry pits Gru against a former child star turned villain by the name of Balthazar Bratt (voiced by South Park’s Trey Parker) … Continue reading

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