Frozen II

After making such a surprising and massive impact on society and children around the world as a whole, it is no surprise that Frozen has now birthed a sequel which your children (and possibly you) will be clamoring to see.  While details of the film have not been released yet, based on the trailer, it seems to have a bit of a darker tone than the original.  One thing is for sure though, this film will be a hit regardless of what its about.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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Child’s Play (the inevitable reboot)

After exhausting pretty much every single idea that could be used concerning a killer doll looking for more victims, the good people at Orion have decided to reboot the franchise with the release of the upcoming Child’s Play.

Is this reboot necessary? No.  Might it be fun though?  Possibly.  The trailer itself seems to work well enough.  It looks as if instead of a killer soul possessing the doll instead this might be AI gone awry, a fitting theme for today.

Now, as to whether or not this will be a good film, it’s hard to tell (trailers today seem to be superior than most of the movies they advertise), but it looks as if it will at least be a good time.  You can view the trailer for yourself below:

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Avengers: Endgame

After weeks of speculation about when the trailer would be released, we have finally gotten our first glimpse of the much-anticipated Avengers: Endgame.  Granted, they seem to be keeping a lot under wraps, but this trailer definitely seems to convey a much darker tone than many of Marvel’s earlier films.  The trailer shows us the loss and pain that the Avengers experience in Thanos’s post-snap universe.  We do also finally get a glimpse of a character that many felt was forgotten as well.  Many assume that this will be the final outing for some of the characters that we have come to know and love over these last 10 years.  If that is true, I just hope that this will be a worthy exit for them.  You can view the trailer for yourself below:

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Captain Marvel

Marvel has officially released their second trailer for their upcoming superhero film Captain Marvel.  This time the trailer gives us more explanation of how she got her powers and the war going on between the Kree and the Skrulls.  We also get a glimpse of Carol Danvers showing off her insane powers (she is said to be the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe).  We also see more of a younger Nick Fury and possibly another villain that we have seen before.  Of course, this comes a day before the rumored release of the next Avengers trailer, so we are in for a comic book overload for a couple of days.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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The Lion King (live action)

Continuing Disney’s trend of taking their animated properties and turning them into live- action films, the studio today released the first teaser for their upcoming live action version of their “original” work of The Lion King.

This version is directed to incredible talent Jon Favreau and stars among many big names, James Earl Jones, reprising his role as the ever powerful yet doomed Mufasa.

On first view, one has to admit that visually the footage looks pretty incredible.  Whether that will be enough to drag people out of their homes to see a story they have already seen before remains to be seen.  Still, for my money, the original Lion King was the finest film that Disney has ever made.  View the trailer of the new version below:

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Stan Lee

  I’ve always been obsessed with superheroes, there is no denying that. In fact, two of the six books that I am currently working on deal with people unexpectedly getting superpowers.  This probably stems from the fact that as long as I can remember I have been watching superhero shows. In my childhood there were cartoons such as Superfriends, Spider-Man and Friends, and of course later Batman: The Animated Series. These were shows that started my imagination running wild with thoughts of incredibly powerful beings that were out there to protect us.  Of course there were also the cheesy tv shows like Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Shazam, Spider-Man and of course the first incarnation of The Flash to hold me over until our current boom of Superhero television and films.

Yet it was somewhere during high school that I really started to read the comic books themselves.  I began to understand the origin stories, and art styles of the medium. I began to research who wrote which characters and who drew in what styles.  My friends and I began to frequent comic book stores (surely you remember those). Through this my love affair with the comic world was fully realized.

In my adult life, once the comic book movies started to boom, and I started to fully appreciate the effect that comics had on my life and the lives of so many others.  I began to appreciate those who had created so many of the characters that I loved: Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, Shuster and Siegal, who created Superman, and of course the great Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who created too numerous Marvel characters to name.

The more I learned about Stan Lee and the wealth of characters he created, the more I became enamored with the man.  Not only was he creating characters that I loved, but he was also creating relatable characters as well. Take Peter Parker (Yes, Stan Lee loved alliteration i.e. Reed Richards, Bucky Barnes, Sue Storm, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, J. Jonah Jameson, Matt Murdock, and Pepper Potts to name a few) not only was he a superhero, dealing with all the hardships that come with that lifestyle, but also he starts out as a high school student, and not a popular one.  This was something that I understood, being an outcast. Bruce Banner struggled with controlling his anger, something that many of us have dealt with at one time or another.

Even more inspiring was that during the 60’s Stan Lee created Black Panther, a dash a color again the white background that were the faces of all the other superheroes.  He did this at a time when blacks were fighting for equality in America. A brave move that could have been disastrous

We knew that Stan would not live forever.  Unfortunately, he did not possess some of the powers that so many of his characters he created did.  So his passing, although expected, still comes as a shock. Perhaps, deep down inside I was hoping that he did have a little of the magic that he imbued his characters with.  

My hat is off and my head hangs low for the man who was one of the architects of my childhood.  Stan, thank you for all the places you took us. Now, I hope you can rest. Excelsior!



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Toy Story 4

The long long awaited teaser for Toy Story 4 has finally been released, and it seems as if the gang is all back, including an misguided art project by the name of Forky who swears that he doesn’t belong with the toys, because frankly, he isn’t one.  Unfortunately for him, he is dragged along on another adventure that the toys embark on.  The film comes out on June 21st, 2019, so we will have to wait until then to see what adventure awaits them.  View the trailer for yourself below:

Update:  Yet another teaser for Toy Story 4 was released today.

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