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The 100 Greatest Video Games of All Times (according to Empire online)

The good people at Empire Online have released a list of their 100 greatest games of all time. After reading this list I agree with much of it, but definitely have a bone to pick about some of their choices. … Continue reading

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Superman Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams took a break from filming Batman v Superman to complete the ice bucket challenge. But how do you faze the man of steel with cold water? Well, watch below to find out.

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Star Wars set to redefine storytelling

An article written on Badass digest by Devin Faraci, states that the Star Wars franchise is not only in the right hands, but it could once against breathe life into a series that according to him has been “dead since … Continue reading

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Trailer for new Stephen King film

Since I am such a huge fan of his writings, I had to post the trailer for the film adaptation of one of Stephen King’s novellas, A Good Marriage. It is the story of a seemingly happy husband and wife … Continue reading

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Crawl: The Video Game

Here’s one from the theater of the absurd. Recently a friend sent me a link to a multiplayer dungeon game called Crawl. As you are about to see, it’s pretty out there. It harkens back to the old 8-bit games … Continue reading

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Adam Driver talks starring in Episode VII

Although he cannot reveal his role in Star Wars: Episode VII (even though several sources have indicated that he will be playing a villain), Adam Driver talked with Entertainment Weekly about what the experience as a whole has been so … Continue reading

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New Star Wars character designs

The folks over at Indie Review have posted what they believe to be the new design of the storm trooper costume. It looks to be much sleeker than its predecessor. They have also stated that they have good reason to … Continue reading

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