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Han Solo’s first wife?

One of the interesting side effects of Disney taking over the Star Wars universe is that basically everything that is put out now is considered “In-cannon”. In the latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars comic a new character has been … Continue reading

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The Force Awakens Trailer

There are no words to be said, just the images that follow what I am writing. Many of you have been waiting years for what you are about to see. Enjoy.

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Episode VII trailer to go online Friday

It has been announced that along with showing in selected theaters on Friday, the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere online sometime early Friday. Needless to say, my excitement level has reached a fever pitch. … Continue reading

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The Star Wars Hype has begun!!!

The Star Wars teaser will be shown this Friday in only a handful of theaters across the nation. It seems as if they are mimicking what happened in 1998 when the released the Episode I trailer before the film Meet … Continue reading

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Star Wars 1,2, & 3 made into a single coherent film

s The good people at Polygon have released a video which someone created which edits all 3 Star Wars films (Episodes I, II, & III) into one single coherent film, and let me tell you, they did a hell of … Continue reading

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Star Wars Reads Day

Originally posted on Cruzin Mama:
Tomorrow Saturday October 11th is Star Wars Reads Day! This is a day to encourage children to get excited about reading and if course celebrate Star Wars. I don’t know about you but anything with…

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First Look at a Chrome Trooper and a Lightsaber Battle

The good people at indierevolver have posted what looks to be our first look at the rumored chrome stormtrooper and concept art of a lightsaber battle in front of the Millennium Falcon. I have to admit, the stormtrooper does look … Continue reading

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