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AMC unveils their subscription program.

In a brilliant move, AMC is testing out a new program that would allow movie goers to attend a movie a day for 35 dollars a month or 3-D/IMAX movies for 45 dollars a month. Personally I think that this … Continue reading

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First Posters for Pixels

A while ago, many of you saw a short film called Pixels. For those of you who haven’t seen it, you can view it below: The video game gained such popularity that Sony pictures decided to make it a full … Continue reading

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Star Wars actors that you didn’t realize that were in other movies

I came across this article recently which pointed out that many of the bit players from the original trilogy went on to play many other roles that most people did not realize. Personally, I found that “Porkins” was the most … Continue reading

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Star Wars Character Names Revealed!

For all of you wondering the names of those characters, wonder no more. The character names have been released via vintage Topps cards. Without further ado, here are those names: Oscar Isaac (the X-Wing pilot) is Poe Dameron the Ball droid … Continue reading

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Mad Max: Fury Road

The long awaited Mad Max: Fury Road has arrived, and let me tell you, it is a lot to digest. The movie looks to be incredibly stylish while still keeping with the feel and the look of the original films. … Continue reading

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