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The Final Hunger Games Trailer

Lionsgate has released the final Mockingjay: Part I trailer ahead of its November 21st release date. This trailer seems to focus much more on the impending war that will probably take up much of the film. I think with this … Continue reading

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Avengers 2 trailer…part deux

Marvel unleashed an extended trailer for the second Avengers movie today. It is 85% the same as the first trailer (which is incredible), but it adds a bit of light-heartedness at the beginning of the trailer before Ultron makes his … Continue reading

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Marvel Reveals All of it’s Upcoming Plans

Last month DC revealed all of its upcoming movies throughout 2020. Marvel has finally responded, revealing their stage 3 plans. Without going totally fanboy on you, I must admit I am pretty excited, especially by the title of the 3rd … Continue reading

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X-Wing and Tie Fighter Return

For those of you who are fans like me, you loved many of the Lucasfilm games of the 90’s. Games such as Rebel Assault, Rogue Squadron, Shadows of the Empire, and of course X-Wing and Tie Fighter took up great … Continue reading

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This is…awesome

Recently, I received an email from a friend asking me to watch the video below; let me explain: apparently, there is a Youtube user by the name of 1A4STUDIO who has been posting amazing videos in which he breaks down … Continue reading

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