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Where is The Last Jedi trailer?

Two years ago, we were treated to a teaser for Episode VII: The Force Awakens a full year before the release of the film.  And yes, while I understood that they needed to reignite the fire of Star Wars for … Continue reading

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The ten most underrated movies of the last 20 years.

We’ve all heard of the movies that receive all the acclaim (Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, The Dark Knight etc.), but what about those great movies that have gone mostly unnoticed (outside of certain circles)?  What about the movies … Continue reading

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The Haunted Mansion story (1969)

When I was five years old or so, during naptime, our amazing kindergarten teacher would play different records for us to listen to as we drifted off to sleep.  One of these records was the Haunted Mansion story.  As time … Continue reading

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Good night, sweet princess

I was born in 1977, the same year that Star Wars was released; legend has it that I first saw it when I was three months old.  I guess you could say that from the very beginning Carrie Fisher shaped … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Powerless Superheroes be Poor?

    As I was listening to an episode of Fatman on Batman (A Kevin Smith podcast); the hosts were talking about comics and something struck me like a bolt of lightning (pun intended).  To be a superhero, one has to … Continue reading

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A Comparison between the trailers for the 77’ Star Wars and the 2015 Star Wars

While I was reading an article about some of the behind the scenes goings on during the filming of Star Wars, I came across the link to the original trailer for the film. I watched it in its entirety and … Continue reading

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The Future of Total War

Total War: Warhammer will meld the tabletop fantasy game of Warhammer with the large-scale battles of the Total War gaming franchise. Since the announcement of the game and the trailer that accompanied it, the question that has been asked over … Continue reading

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