The Last Jedi trailer breakdown

After months and months of speculation, the teaser for The Last Jedi has finally premiered as part of the the Star Wars celebration that is currently underway in Orlando.  My first impressions was that outside of the music, it was unlike any Star Wars trailer that I have seen.

The tone of the trailer is quite dark and begins with what seems to be very close to the end of the last film judging from Rey’s clothing.  Most of the beginning of the trailer deals with Rey’s training at the hands of Luke Skywalker (who sounds quite Yoda-like during the trailer).  We are then treated to several shots of familiar characters from Episode VII.  We see Finn (still unconscious), Kylo Ren, Leia, the Millennium Falcon, Poe Dameron and the silhouette several times of Luke Skywalker, who ends the trailer by mysteriously proclaiming that the Jedi have to end.

I had a couple thoughts and observations about the trailer; it’s minor, but we see something that we have not previously seen in the Star Wars universe: physical books.  We have seen holograms, data pads, but never a physical book.  Yet here will see a group of them in the possession of Luke Skywalker (at :58).  It has been suggested that the books look like they are being held by Bendu (for those of you who are fans of Rebels), but I’m not sure if that is not just wishful thinking.

We are also treated to quite an interesting shot of Luke kneeling by R2 while something is burning in the background (at 1:30).  My guess is that’s a flashback to when his Jedi temple was burned down.

Of course, we also have some familiar sounds and dialogue thrown in as a whispers.  We hear Leia’s whisper of “You’re my only hope” (at :46) and of course Vader’s faith breathing when we see the remnants of his helmet (:52).

So what am I expecting to see in this film?  One, I expect to see a fair amount of flashback as Luke Skywalker explains how he ended up on the island we meet him on.  Two, I expect that we will find that Rey is not a Skywalker, she’s a Kenobi.  Three, I think that we will see the force ghosts of Obi Wan (played by Ewan McGregor), Yoda (played by the immortal Frank Oz), and Anakin (reprised by Hayden Christensen, who incidentally was at this year’s Star Wars celebration).  And finally, I think we will see the death of another major character within the Star Wars universe; who that will be I’m not quite sure of, and I am not quite ready to reveal my guess quite yet.

Beyond that, I have no idea what the actual storyline is, which to me is always preferable to knowing too much of the story too early (take note DC universe!).  You can review the trailer for yourself below:

UPDATE: I think that the very beginning of the trailer involves Luke force choking Rey to train her.  Also, the broken mask is probably Kylo Ren’s not Vader’s.

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4 Responses to The Last Jedi trailer breakdown

  1. Sean says:

    Death will be Leia. They already noted yesterday that she won’t be in the next one. If it’s not bendu, perhaps the books are resting on a piece of the planet he was on. There were lots of formations all over the planet that looked like that. Maybe the books were found there. God I hope we don’t get a Hayden force ghost, although a Ewan ghost wouldn’t bother me in the least (or a Ewan/obi wan trilogy for that matter).


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