The Hunger Games

It was almost two years ago when a student approached me, and told me that I needed to read a book.  It was called The Hunger Games, and it was set in a dystopic future where children were forced to hunt and kill each other for sport and amusement.  I finally agreed to read the novel, and by the time I was twenty pages in, I was hooked;  I made it through all three novels within the month.  Needless to say, as the movie approached my expectations grew exponentially.

The movie did not disappoint.  That being said, the movie works far better as a supplement to the novel as opposed to just standing on its own.   Having read the novel, it was quite refreshing to see events that could not have been seen in the novel because of its first person narration.  The change from first person narration to third added a bit of depth to the already intriguing story. Unfortunately, because of its supplemental nature,  those who only go and see the movie, without reading the book, may find themselves confused by many of the plot details (although the director does a fair job with exposition).  Conversely, those who have read the novel may get a bit  deeper of an understanding of the world created through the trilogy of novels.

Many people will object to some of the slight changes that were made.  I would like to remind them that detail must always be taken out when transitioning from print to screen.  The question is “Did they get the major elements and tone of the story right?” And this film did.  I for one, cannot wait until the sequel.

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4 Responses to The Hunger Games

  1. Francisco Cuellar says:

    To me they left out two important details. First was that Katniss did not get the bread from District 11 but instead they showed the riot that happened on District 11 which is not until the second book. Then we have one of the most.important parts of the book Peeta’s leg being if off. Other than that it lacked a lot of details but at least all the important ones were covered


  2. Ekow Baisie says:

    In my opinion the movie was a good try but there was no could way from the start that the movie could handle the psychedelic part of the games. One of the first things that they did not capitalize on that I wish they did was how the districts were from different parts of old US. District 12 was the all white coal mining little town. District 11 is the agriculture district. They talk about this district like it is a slave district. Another thing they did not capitalize on is how the mutated mutts were made out of the dead tributes. So they were not as freaky as they were in the book. But all in all he did his best.


  3. Evan Alderete says:

    I think the Hunger Games was a brilliant movie. There was so much detail and everything was so precise. My only pitfall is that I didn’t read the book before watching this film. I’m not sure if that’s a bad or good thing to do. It was probably a bad idea because I missed out on so many other things that happened, but it was a good idea because I didn’t know what was or wasn’t supposed to happen. I know for a fact that I would enjoy the book, but I still enjoyed the movie and thought that you didn’t exactly need to read the book in order to understand the movie.


  4. Patrick Davis says:

    After I had read the Hunger Games I was very excited and looking forward to the movie very much! I bought my midnight showing ticket and went out at 11:00 at night to victoria gardens to go see it. I think I had my expectations a little bit too high, I was focusing more on the little things. The harder things to point out in the movie, like how they would describe the tracker jacker. Personally I would not have described it like how they did, they could have played it off like Katniss didnt know what they were or what they did, and Rue told her when she was awake. Or they could have cut to her mom and sister and kept it how it was. But those are just little things about the movie, I was very Impressed in the visuall effects of the fire, and of the wolf/bear creatures. I have yet to read the second or third, but I know I have time. Catching fire comes out November of next year. Saying that I am very excited about it, and can not wait for it to come out. I want to see what they can make better.

    P.S. The actress that played Katniss is very hot! 🙂


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