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Disney’s Next Hit

Every once and awhile, I get a feeling from a movie trailer that lets me know that I am definitely going to enjoy it. I got that feeling when I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and … Continue reading

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Finally a Title for Batman vs. Superman

Over on the greatest movie website known to man Dark Horizons, there has been a new logo and title posted for the much anticipated Batman vs Superman movie. Apparently the movie will be going with the title Batman v Superman: … Continue reading

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A “Flash” in the pan

It looks like television’s new love affair with Superheroes will continue. Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” has been booked for a second season, (For those of you who did not stay with it after its poor start, go back and check … Continue reading

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The new Batman.

The first look at the suit from Zac Synder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.  You’ll notice that it very much resembles the suit from the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.  It looks pretty damn good to me.

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Why Episode VII will be good

It was last year when I found myself squealing like a schoolgirl because someone told me that Disney had bought out Lucasfilm, and they were preparing to make an Episode VII. Being the Star Wars expert that I am, people … Continue reading

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