A “Flash” in the pan

It looks like television’s new love affair with Superheroes will continue. Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” has been booked for a second season, (For those of you who did not stay with it after its poor start, go back and check it out again, it has gotten much better). And I would be remiss in not mentioning FOX’s Gotham show that shows promise as well. In the meantime, Arrow is doing quite well on the CW and from what I hear, it is a very well done show. Now we have yet another hero to hit the small screen, Flash. From the five minute trailer below, the show seems to boast a decently high production value, and decent action, but only time will tell. The real question is “how will Arrow and the Flash” tie in with the upcoming Justice League film or if they will at all? And just for a lark, I threw in the opening from the early 90’s flash show so you can compare. Enjoy!



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