AMC unveils their subscription program.

In a brilliant move, AMC is testing out a new program that would allow movie goers to attend a movie a day for 35 dollars a month or 3-D/IMAX movies for 45 dollars a month. Personally I think that this is an incredible idea since the price of movies has gone up so drastically in the last ten years. If this is successful we could see a resurgence of people attending the theater; after all if people are willing to pay for this service, then chances are, they will probably use it, which means that once again we may in the near future see lines of people lining up on Friday night to catch the new most popular flick.

The way it works is that subscribers to the program would download an app to their smartphones which they could present at the ticket window, which would allow them to see any movie once. Obviously, they would have to pay for their own concessions, but it still seems like an enticing plan. Keep in mind, to see a movie the price these days ranges from 12-16 dollars depending on where you are. If you attend three movies, then you have already paid for the service, and that’s if you are going three weekends a month. On the other hand, the problem will occur when you are paying for multiple people. 35 dollars a month isn’t too bad if you are ordering this just for yourself, but if you factor in a spouse and a child, the price skyrockets to 70 or 105 dollars a month respectively, which seems a bit steep. I still think that this could be a great idea which would not only bring more people to movie theaters, but also get lesser known movies more of an opportunity to be seen.

So far AMC only has plans to test this program in Boston and Denver, but if the program is meets with success expect to see this program pop up in other major cities as well.

SOURCE: Denver Post

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