Star Wars and me: The Rise of Skywalker (final trailer)

Since I can remember, I have been a Star Wars fan.  To me, it was the ultimate story of Good vs. Evil, with a bad guy that was just cool enough to become a legend in my mind.  When the original trilogy ended, I remember being upset that I would never find out what happens to these characters that I loved so much.  As I grew up, I had years to watch the films over and over again; that same feeling of sadness would wash over me each time The Return of the Jedi ended.

When I got to college, the prequels came out, and there was hope once again.  I lined up with so many others at 4am to get tickets at the box office and then lined up again, hours before the movie to get good seats.  And then, they happened, one after the other.  And love them or hate them, I was still back in that world that I loved so much.

The next thing I knew I was an adult, and someone told me that Disney had bought Lucasfilm and Episode VII was announced with my beloved Luke, Leia and Han returning, and my heart skipped a beat.  Finally after 30-some years, I would finally get to see my old friends again.  And I did, and I loved it however similar it may have been to that original adventure I loved so long ago.  Much like Episode IV (the original), it had that sense of adventure and wonder.  And yes, Episode VIII took some chances, some of which worked and some of which I’m waiting to see if they work, but I still got to be in that world and see Luke, the hero of my childhood.

And finally we now come to the end of the Skywalker saga, the end of so much of what shaped my life and who I am.  While I have not seen the film, the trailer, its music and its visuals lead me to believe that this will be the send off that I hoped for as a child long ago and that I long for as an adult now.

View the trailer for yourself below:

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