Han Solo’s first wife?

One of the interesting side effects of Disney taking over the Star Wars universe is that basically everything that is put out now is considered “In-cannon”. In the latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars comic a new character has been introduced… Sana Solo, the wife of Han Solo. Now for those of you who are Star Wars fanatics like myself, let’s take a deep breath. My guess is that this woman was married to Solo pre A New Hope and that she will have been killed by the time A New Hope begins. This could be a good thing though; it may show why Han Solo is so standoffish and so unwilling to befriend anyone or get close to anyone outside of Chewie when we first meet him in A New Hope. I guess we will have to read the issue to find out. Star Wars issue #5 is on newsstands now.

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5 Responses to Han Solo’s first wife?

  1. Bailey says:

    My understanding is this is AFTER New Hope but before Empire Strikes Back. So if what she states is true, he would have been married all the way through Empire Strikes and Leia knew he was married or he gets a divorce in the comics so that when Empire happens, he’s divorced.

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    • Q says:

      After? That would be strange, the only thing that would make any sense is before, and it may have ended badly which would explain why he is so unwilling to get close to anyone else. That only my guess of course.


  2. Sean says:

    Firefly crossover? Zoe under an alias? Just sayin’.


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