E3 (so far)

All year long gamers wait for E3 with baited breath, and this year especially the expo has not disappointed. The first out of the gates was Bethesda studios with their surprise announcement that their steam-punk inspired game Dishonored would be getting a sequel. For those who have never played Dishonored, it ended up being a quite smooth and surprising experience to play, from the looks of its sequel it should be just as good.


Secondly, they showed off more of what is looking better and better, Fallout 4. One of the major improvements to the game is that you now have more control in upgrading your weapons and controlling the look of the environment around you. Both of which are showcased below:



Of course the moment I was waiting for was the showing of gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront, which looks amazing. The game runs quite fluidly and it seems the gameplay works seamlessly. Yes, there have been some concerns over lack of a campaign mode and a lack of space battles. But from what was shown below, I think the game will be quite a success.


Nintendo finally got in on the fun by releasing the first trailer for their upcoming Star Fox Zero. The game looks like an updated version of some of their older versions, but really utilizes the Wii U controller and has Fox’s ship transforming into several different variations to achieve different goals. The game looks like more of what Nintendo has been delivering for years, good honest fun.

The talk of the conference is probably Xbox. Not only did they announce that with their new update, Xbox 360 games will be able to be played on Xbox one, but they finally showed their HoloLens in action playing Minecraft. It is hands down one of the most amazing technological innovations that I have seen, a true showstopper.

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