The Marvel Civil War is coming

The news broke this morning that Robert Downey Jr. is in final negotiations to star in Captain America 3. It seems as if they are finally going to attempt putting the Marvel Civil War (or a portion of it) on the big screen. For those of you who are not familiar with the storyline for the Marvel Civil War, I will attempt to explain. In the wake of a terrible accident in New York which kills many innocent people, the government enacts the superhero registration act, which would require all superheroes to register with the government and reveal their secret identities. Obviously this was Marvel’s attempt at satirizing the 9/11 tragedy and the ensuing Patriot act. Half of the superheroes, led by Tony Stark, have no problem with the act and sign up to register. The other half, led by Steve Rogers (Captain America), refuse to sign up citing that it is un-American and it would put them in danger. The government eventually comes to Stark and tells him that his group needs to bring in the other group because they are in violation of the law. Thus begins the civil war

The interesting issue here is that the Marvel Civil War involved the entire Marvel universe, which could not be done on screen for a multitude of reasons the least of which is that different properties are owned by different studios. So the question is going to be how much can they show of it, and which superheroes are going to be involved? Whatever the answer may be it seems as this may be the most ambitious project that Marvel is going to undertake.


Source: badass digest

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3 Responses to The Marvel Civil War is coming

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  2. Cool, I’m so pumped up for this. Obviously, Marvel could pull it off even without Spider-man. WHY? Because it’s Marvel, really. 🙂 Though Spider-man plays a major role on civil war and it would be not fair without him present on the big screen, but we can do nothing about it. Not as long as they heed our suggestions. 🙂 Question is, who would replace spider-man in this version of Civil War? Anyways, I can’t help but be amaze and excited on this film. Additional information can be seen on this article Cheers!


    • Q says:

      From what I understand, its possible that Spider-Man could appear in Marvel’s Infinity War. But that would be the earliest we would see him in that universe. As to who is going to replace Spider-Man’s role, i have no idea.


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