Avengers: Endgame (trailer #2)

After the release of a very successful Captain Marvel, the wonderful people at Marvel have released a full length trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.  This trailer goes much more in depth with a surviving protagonists after “the snap”.  We get a much better view of Jeremy Renner’s rumored Ronin character for the first time here.  We are also treated to flashbacks of many of our original characters’ origin story (perhaps because this is the last time we may see some of them).  We also get our first shots of Captain Marvel from film as well.

One of the more interesting shots in the trailer shows us The Avengers sporting new and different uniforms.  Some have theorized that those uniforms resemble what Ant-Man wore going into the quantum universe.  It’s possible that they will utilize the quantum realm to either time travel or save those who were lost in “the snappening”.  Either way, we will finally find out next month.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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Aladdin (the trailer)

After a couple of teaser that filled people with more doubts than hope, the official trailer has now been released, and hopefully it puts to rest many of the fears that people may have had.  Gone is the jarring image of a not-quite-finished CGI Will Smith as the Genie, and it has been replaced by a much more natural looking Will Smith with more polished CGI.

We also get our first look at Princess Jasmine (here played by Naomi Scott) who looks quite fitting in the role.  We also get our first look and listen to some of the musical numbers which look to be quite impressive and visually stunning.

It looks like Will Smith is going to do his own thing as the genie and not try and emulate Robin Williams iconic performance, which is welcome news.  We will have to wait and see if the film can match the charm of its live action counterpart.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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Game of Thrones (season 8 trailer)

After much anticipation and many different theories, the trailer for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has premiered and it gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the final six episodes.  All of the main characters are shown, except for Bran (make of that what you will), and most importantly, we are given our first shots of what will undoubtedly be one of the most epic battles put on film with the war between fire and ice finally occurring.  The final season debuts April 14th.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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Frozen II

After making such a surprising and massive impact on society and children around the world as a whole, it is no surprise that Frozen has now birthed a sequel which your children (and possibly you) will be clamoring to see.  While details of the film have not been released yet, based on the trailer, it seems to have a bit of a darker tone than the original.  One thing is for sure though, this film will be a hit regardless of what its about.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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Child’s Play (the inevitable reboot)

After exhausting pretty much every single idea that could be used concerning a killer doll looking for more victims, the good people at Orion have decided to reboot the franchise with the release of the upcoming Child’s Play.

Is this reboot necessary? No.  Might it be fun though?  Possibly.  The trailer itself seems to work well enough.  It looks as if instead of a killer soul possessing the doll instead this might be AI gone awry, a fitting theme for today.

Now, as to whether or not this will be a good film, it’s hard to tell (trailers today seem to be superior than most of the movies they advertise), but it looks as if it will at least be a good time.  You can view the trailer for yourself below:

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Avengers: Endgame

After weeks of speculation about when the trailer would be released, we have finally gotten our first glimpse of the much-anticipated Avengers: Endgame.  Granted, they seem to be keeping a lot under wraps, but this trailer definitely seems to convey a much darker tone than many of Marvel’s earlier films.  The trailer shows us the loss and pain that the Avengers experience in Thanos’s post-snap universe.  We do also finally get a glimpse of a character that many felt was forgotten as well.  Many assume that this will be the final outing for some of the characters that we have come to know and love over these last 10 years.  If that is true, I just hope that this will be a worthy exit for them.  You can view the trailer for yourself below:

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Captain Marvel

Marvel has officially released their second trailer for their upcoming superhero film Captain Marvel.  This time the trailer gives us more explanation of how she got her powers and the war going on between the Kree and the Skrulls.  We also get a glimpse of Carol Danvers showing off her insane powers (she is said to be the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe).  We also see more of a younger Nick Fury and possibly another villain that we have seen before.  Of course, this comes a day before the rumored release of the next Avengers trailer, so we are in for a comic book overload for a couple of days.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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