Elite: Dangerous

Years ago, my father came home with a game for me and my Commodore 64 called Elite.  It was a space simulation, but instead of just flying and shooting (which you also did in the game), you could also trade elements and items between different star bases or you could rescue people in space.  For my young mind, the sky was the limit with this game which you can see below.

But alas, there was one problem: no matter how hard I tried, I could not land back inside of a base to trade.  Time after time again, I tried to no avail, and eventually simply gave up, somewhat sad that I would never be able to experience the game in full.

Until… one day when I was wandering around the Xbox store and found a game called Elite: Dangerous.  Could this be a sequel to the game a had tried and failed at so many years ago?  Spoiler alert: it was.  I quickly downloaded the game and found myself immersed in a world worthy of the Elite name.  They had managed to keep many of the features which I had fallen in love with as a young person, while updating the political, and economic features of the game.  Now you could easily visit different space ports and with one of the later updates actually land on planetary bases and move around the planet to complete missions or collect valuable materials to trade.  The game is now rich in different ways to play: you can be a mercenary, a trader, a miner, or even a tour guide for rich passengers who will pay you to see the galaxy.

All in all, the game now satisfied both the child in me looking to explore and the adult in me looking for redemption.  See you in the stars!

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