Tom Hiddleston on why Superhero movies are important.

This was an article I came across whilst stumbling. It is written by Tom Hiddleston, who many of you will soon recognize as Loki in Thor and the upcoming Avengers. He highlights that superheroes are necessary because they are a part of our modern mythology. Go ahead and read for your self.

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3 Responses to Tom Hiddleston on why Superhero movies are important.

  1. kyle nelius says:

    While these “superhero movies” do teach us about past mythology and life lessons, people don’t generally take anything away from the motion picture. These types of movies have become a source of entertainment and conversation pieces. Nobody has the mindset of understanding the meaning and learning the historical value when going to see the movie. While I don’t protest against the making of these movies, I feel we need to get the audience more involved and more curious as to the significance of the movie by itself. Being able to grasp the audience by an emotional connection with one or two characters is a great way for people to learn more about why the movie played out as it did.


  2. Clayton White says:

    I believe superhero movies are important for two reasons they bring history to a different audience and also the expansion of a person intelligence from teaching life lessons from right from wrong to a complete fantasy world. Superhero movies such as the teenage mutant ninja turtles, the four main characters in this comic/movie are all named after famous artist. This is brought to children from the age of 4 who watch this show to kids in the teens who realize this fact and may look up the artist to gain information on these artist. The fantasy that superhero comics/movies bring expands any child’s knowledge of life and their idea of the possibilities of science fiction. Superhero movies bring great knowledge of history and the future which puts a great need of these superhero movies that people may not realize.


    • I have to agree. The superhero comics always presented the good versus evil theme. Back in the day, and there I go again, our life lessons were played out in the western movies. The black hat against white hat morality. Then things moved on to “pseudo- western-science fiction” stories such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Brother! We’ve come a long way in terms of graphics and action. The days of runaway stage coaches and a posse chasing down the bad guys with six-guns blazing are outmoded. Long live the Avengers!


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