If you are a World War II buff like me, you are going to love this trailer.

The movie follows Brad Pitt as Army Sergeant Wardaddy and his five man tank crew, as they venture behind enemy lines in a deadly mission, which eventually lands them in a 5 vs 300 man battle.

Fury looks like it is going to be another great WWII film, starring Brad Pitt. We all remember Brad’s performance as Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Inglorious Bastards, well he’s back again and this time, without the cheesy southern accent. The trailer also shows a very rugged, mustache wearing Shia Labeouf, who let’s face it, hasn’t done much of anything in Hollywood in quite a while (aside from stealing a screenplay). I’m eager to see what Shia has to offer to the flick.

Some other stars include Logan Lerman (The Percy Jackson and the Olympia’s kid) Michael Pena (End of Watch), and Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead).The movie is set to release in November, right in time for “Oscar Season.”


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2 Responses to Fury

  1. Sean says:

    I think over the past decade or two there has been an ongoing effort to look at WW2 through the eyes of various combatants (e.g.: soldiers, snipers, submariners, sailors, aviators, now tanks, etc.). There have been some great entries, most notably Band of Brothers, but I think an area that’s been under-served is definitely fighter pilots/bomber crews. The two major films I can think of are Memphis Belle and Red Tails. The first was made before the liberating power of CG, and hampered for it, and the second was an awful, patronizing flick. I think a band of brothers style series about the life of WW2 combat aviators could be a really powerful creation.


  2. So we’re not counting Pearl Harbor?


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