The newest Star Wars trailer/ Is Luke Kylo Ren?

The Star Wars media blitz is continuing by releasing yet another look at The Force Awakens.  This look give us a bit more of a clear view of Rey and Finn’s relationship as well as giving us a bit deeper of a look at Kylo Ren.  This trailer makes clear his association with the dark side.  Also, if you look very closely at the battle room scene standing off to the left is a familiar face (hint: It’s a trap!).  

I want to go on record as saying that I am not a believer in the Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren theory.  From everything that I have read, Luke Skywalker is painted as public enemy #1 of the Empire (or First Order), which is why he is in hiding.  In fact, I believe that the people that we have seen standing with Kylo Ren in the rain in previous trailers are mandalorian bounty hunters tasked with helping Kylo Ren take down Skywalker.  Also, in a recent trailer it shows the back of Kylo Ren’s head while he is fighting Finn, it is clearly not Skywalker.  Don’t believe me, here is one picture:



And here is a shot from the trailer:


Both clearly show that Kylo is a separate person.  But I digress, you can view the trailer for yourself below:

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1 Response to The newest Star Wars trailer/ Is Luke Kylo Ren?

  1. Mike says:

    Anakin Solo is Kylo Ren. This explaines why Kylo is obsessed with Vader, his grandfather and namesake, why he is able to construct a lightsaber albeit unstable, and his apparent force usage. It also explains why Leia always looks so sad. Her dad was a villian and now her son is. My theory. but even if Im wrong Luke is definitely not Kylo Ren.


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