Warner Bros looks quite prepared to take on Marvel

According to Niiki Finke at her newly launched website you can see here, the people at the good ole WB are extremely prepared to move forward with their Justice League plans. Apparently, they no longer want to sit and watch Marvel dominate the movie scene. According to what was written, which was also backed up by Garth Franklin on the greatest movie website in the world DarkHorizons, we will see Batman v Superman on May 6, 2016, and also Sandman film in 2016. There will not only be a Justice League film in 2017, but also a standalone Wonder Woman movie, and a Flash and Green Lantern film. Then in 2018 we will see a direct sequel tone of my favorite superhero films, Man of Steel.

The interesting fact is that that in some way Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg along with the already announced Wonder Woman will all be introduced in some manner in the upcoming Batman v Superman. My guess is that they will be presented in some form of cameo appearance(outside of Wonder Woman), but I guess that seems irrelevant. The fact is that finally we are going to be seeing some of these characters finally approach the big screen in the way that they probably should be shown, and this is enough to raise my expectations. As much as I love The Avengers, there is something that speaks more to my heart about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the other members of the Justice League. Perhaps it’s because, the aforementioned three had movies/tv shows before it became cool. Maybe it was the fact that I had seen incarnations of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on live action television, and then saw Superman and Batman in film before any character in Marvel had a film biased me in some way. Time will be the lonely arbiter in terms of judging who will be better, but my thoughts follow the quote on Fox Mulder’s poster which once read “I Want to Believe”. I want to believe that D.C. will finally be given its due respect.


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