Saved by the Bell 25 years later

So yes, I know by this point that pretty much everyone has seen this, but this clip sparked in me such a nostalgic feeling that I had to comment. This clip brought me back. It brought me back to a time when the biggest problem that I had to worry about was Zack and Kelly’s breakup. Sure these teens’ ideal lives did not represent reality, but so what? They were squeaky clean American teens that were enjoying their lives. The biggest problem that they ever faced was Jesse’s addiction to “energy pills”.

That being said, the job that the crew did with the make-up and the wigs made the cast look very much like they did when the show was running. Unfortunately, due to insanity and incarceration, neither Lisa nor Screech (Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhees) were included in the sketch. Kudos to Jimmy Fallon for bringing this together!

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