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Spaceballs 2?

It seems that Mel Brooks is anxious to make a sequel to his classic film Spaceballs. In a recent interview Brooks stated that he would love to make a sequel, but would not do it if Rick Moranis was not … Continue reading

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Saved by the Bell 25 years later

So yes, I know by this point that pretty much everyone has seen this, but this clip sparked in me such a nostalgic feeling that I had to comment. This clip brought me back. It brought me back to a … Continue reading

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

I cannot believe I am actually typing this, but after watching the trailer of this film, I am actually looking forward to seeing it. Keep in mind I thought that the first one was pretty bad. There is just something … Continue reading

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The Poltergeist trailer arrives.

The much-anticipated or much-dreaded, depending on your point of view, trailer for the remake of Poltergeist has finally arrived. There was much talk earlier of this remake being made more kid friendly, but based off of this trailer that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Jurassic World trailer #2

During the Superbowl over the weekend, Universal released the second trailer for their upcoming Jurassic World film. While utilizing many shots from the first trailer, this trailer goes into a bit more depth about the trained raptors and also gives … Continue reading

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