A Comparison between the trailers for the 77’ Star Wars and the 2015 Star Wars

While I was reading an article about some of the behind the scenes goings on during the filming of Star Wars, I came across the link to the original trailer for the film. I watched it in its entirety and loved every minute of it. One obvious fact though was that those releasing the film did not expect it to do any real business. Yes, I realize trailers were much different back then: from the lack of music to the complete lack of any story information given, the way trailers were edited was completely different from the way they are approached today. But for the love of God, Darth Vader doesn’t even have a voice in the trailer, he’s just an ominous figure who throws some guy into some stuff, and that was supposed to send chills down the audience’s spines. Nevertheless, people came out in droves to see the film, and now it is a cultural icon.

Compare that to the trailer that was released yesterday which is rich in sound and color, yet strangely enough this trailer also is quite vague about the story, but still manages to put the good guys in light colors and the bad guys in black. Although this trailer, visually, is much more impressive, it still maintains a note of the simplicity that its predecessor achieved. Let’s just hope that The Force Awakens can measure up in content to what Star Wars produced so many years ago.

Enjoy for yourself below:


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