The Force Awakens (Final Trailer)

The good people over at Disney have released their final trailer for their upcoming release Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I must say it succeeds on every level. First off, the music is absolutely perfect, it uses parts of John Williams’ new score while treating us to familiar elements of the older score. The trailer further introduces us to our new heroes and villains, while showing them being supported by older familiar faces. The trailer finally gives us a bit of information about Kylo Ren, the villain showcased within the trailer, who boasts a haunting voice and shows us his obsession with continuing Vader’s legacy. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Finn’s (the stormtrooper) confusion over who to fight for and finally Rey’s introduction to the force (I think).

Something occurred to me while I was watching the trailer. What Episode I, II, and III lacked was not story or great acting, it was heart. The movies simply lacked heart. Instead the heart that it should have had was replaced with special effects and flashy images, because of this  we ended up with a very flashy and visually stunning film, but ultimately quite empty. Yet, within a little over two minutes we are shown more heart than in the entire prequel trilogy. I cannot wait until 8pm on December 17th.

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