The Last Jedi trailer (finally)

After asking why we did not have a trailer yet here.  We, the faithful were finally rewarded with a trailer that was well worth the wait.  The trailer, which boasts quite a dark tone, gives us a look at the moments immediately following Episode VII and more importantly, some serious character development of Rey, Finn and finally Luke Skywalker.  

We see that Rey is struggling to find who she is and Luke’s reluctance to train her, for fear that she become like someone else (we are made to assume Kylo Ren, but the trailer does not go as far as to say that).  We are also treated to shots of General Leia and a shot of Finn in a battle with Captain Phasma (who I pray has more to do in this go round).  All in all it seems to be a quite fitting chapter in an already storied franchise.

As a side note, I will go out on a limb and say that Rey most definitely is at least the half, if not full, sister of Kylo Ren.  How that works out remains to be seen.  Have fun viewing the trailer for yourself below:

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