The Judge Trailer

This morning, I was browsing IMDB this morning and came across this little gem called The Judge. The movie is focused on Hank Palmer, a big city lawyer, with a big attitude. Right before he is about to begin a trial, he receives a voicemail that his mom has just passed, so he packs up and heads for his childhood home (looks like somewhere in Nebraska… or maybe Indiana) Upon his arrival he discovers that his father, the town judge, is a suspect of a hit and run murder. This leads Hank to search for the truth, and along the way he reconnects with his dad and other estranged family members. This movie is packed with talent! Hank Palmer will be played by Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. His father, The Judge, will be played by The Godfather’s adopted son, Robert Duvall. Other stars in the film include Billy Bob Thorton, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Vera Farmiga (the weirdly hot girl from “The Departed” and “Orphan”). In the trailer you see Robert Downey Jr.’s character playing somewhat of an A**hole, which is something that he is good at playing and very entertaining to watch. Duvall is not getting any younger, he may not have a lot of films left in him, and so it is a joy to see him take on a big role such as this. The trailer sells the movie quite well and I wouldn’t be surprised if this film found its way to an Oscar.


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