Is The Rock Shazam?

Dwayne Johnson seems to be hinting at the fact that he may be playing the DC superhero, Shazam, in an upcoming film. In an interview with Total Film, he says that he and DC are set to make an announcement very soon. He then goes on to say that the character he will be playing “has the power of Superman” and isn’t Green Lantern. He finishes by saying “Just say the word. That’s all I’m going to say.”

For those of you who are not huge comic book fans. Shazam was a young man by the name of Billy who transformed into Shazam when he uttered the word “Shazam”. It seems as if come Comic-Con time we will see that Dwayne Johnson will be playing that role. The full interview is below along with introduction of the pretty bad 70’s tv show Shazam. Enjoy.



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