In Need of a Great Show? Better Call Saul!








In recent years, television has seen a drastic change. Instead of seeing half-baked storylines and rehashed sitcoms, there are shows that challenge the viewers to think and even force them to re-watch episodes in order to understand the full complexities of the plotlines that were either introduced or continued. Better Call Saul is one of these shows. In this show we are given Saul, a very mysterious character from Breaking Bad who never had his own backstory. The only detail related to a backstory that Breaking Bad fans are given is that his real name is Jimmy McGill. The show caters to those who have watched Breaking Bad, bringing back fan favorites such as Tuco Salamanca and Mike Erhmantraut. For those viewers who are unaware of the events that occurred during Breaking Bad, the show is still great. What makes Saul’s character interesting is the fact that he is not all that different from Walter White. Although he hasn’t killed anyone or shown that he is truly evil, we see that he is just a man who has to do what is necessary in order to survive. Instead of using his skills as a lawyer to make a less than decent paycheck, we see that he will instead become a lawyer who caters to criminals.

This show has become one of my favorites so far in the vast field of good television because it is more than just a show where anyone can turn their mind off for an hour. During its 40 minute running time, the viewer is fixed on learning the complex past of Saul Goodman. What makes the show that much more appealing than other shows is the fact that the audience is able to relate to his character. Saul is man who does what is necessary in order to live the “American Dream”. The “American Dream” is defined as being able to take the opportunities given by living in America in order to make a decent living and eventually making enough money to be free of financial debt. At first we see Saul trying to be a good man, just as his name suggests, but there are events that occur during the first season that prevent him from doing things the right way. Since Saul is given circumstances that don’t allow him to pursue his goal of becoming a successful lawyer, the first season ends in a way that hints to the viewer that he will become the Saul Goodman that fans grew to love while watching Breaking Bad.

The show has already aired its first season, which is why I encourage T.V viewers to catch up on the show. By having a very likeable and relatable main character, audiences will be hooked on watching the schemes and drama that Jimmy McGill goes through as he transforms into Saul Goodman.

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