Pixels- the prediction

I was recently challenged by a friend to predict the success or failure of upcoming films. So here goes, I will be using a couple of measures in my predictions, the first being Rotten Tomatoes- I will be predicting both the critics’ percentage as well as the audience’s. Secondly I will be predicting the films’ opening weekend haul along with their final gross. (I promise I will not change any numbers once the article is published.)

Seeing as how I have written about it numerous times before (as evidenced here), I figured I would begin with the upcoming release Pixels. When I first heard that they were making this into a feature length film my inner child was ecstatic. After all, I loved the short film that the movie was based on, which is delightfully dark and nostalgic at the same time. Then I saw the trailer… The first problem that this film is going to face is the fact that two of its main stars, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, have not had a good recent track record with their latest movies. The second problem that I see is the film’s marketing. Most films will show you a bit more or some other aspect of their film the closer they get to release; this movie seems not to want to do that, they simply show the same scenes over and over again regardless of the trailer, which indicates to me that they may not have that much funny material to work with.

So here we go with the predictions:

Rotten Tomatoes: 26%- Critics, 58%- Audience

Movie Gross: Opening Weekend- 21 mil, Total Gross- 51 mil

Update 7/26: You can see the Rotten Tomato results here and you can see the opening weekend gross here.  As you can see I wasn’t very far off.

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2 Responses to Pixels- the prediction

  1. Chad Smith says:

    Q, Sandler movies always bring in big money at the box office. Happy Maddison Productions is one of the most profitable in Hollywood. Do they ever veer from the same Heratio Algier story line? No, not ever, but much like corn syrup, it is highly addictive, and in just about everything. This sugary sweet treat will tantalize both children and adults alike. This is another cavity winning performance from Adam Sandler.


  2. Q says:

    I dunno, neither Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, or Daddy’s Boy did very well. We could be looking at a flop here, especially since much of the references are lost on kids…


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