20th Century Fox has released the trailer for Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine in the upcoming release, Logan.  This marks the first time that an X-men film will be rated R; the tone and look of the film appears to be different from any that we have seen in this world.  Loosely based on the graphic novel, Old Man Logan, the movie appears to take place in a near future in which all mutants have been eradicated.

The graphic novel deals with Logan and Hawkeye making a road trip across the nation (or what’s left of it).  Here, it seems that Hawkeye has been replaced by Professor X (played in a final turn by Patrick Stewart).  The trailer is perfectly set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, the song captures the somber mood of a man who has been tortured his entire life and it seems as if saving a young girl may be his last attempt at redemption.  This movie may turn out to be something special after all.  Decide for yourself after you view below:

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2 Responses to Logan

  1. sean says:

    Huh. I enjoy a few xmen movies here or there, but never get excited about the next one coming out. This one looks pretty damn interesting. I look forward to this one.

    btw…woohoo! new post!


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