Two new looks at Zelda

Last night at the 2016 Game Awards, several new trailers were released, including two new looks at  the upcoming release of the new Legend of Zelda game:  Breath of the Wild.  One of them is a trailer, the other is a let’s play video of the game.

The trailer is, in a word, breathtaking.  The world the game designers have done what looks to be an incredible job designing the world of Hyrule.  What makes this game stand out, is the animation style.  It’s quite unconventional and reminiscent of animation we first saw in The Wind Waker.  

The Let’s Play gives us a look at the actual gameplay and controls of the upcoming release of the game.  What is interesting to note is that they are playing on the Wii U and not their upcoming system the Switch.  The gameplay does look quite interesting and an improvement to their latest releases.  

We will find out how the plays for ourselves when it is released sometime in 2017.  View the videos for yourself below:

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