Stranger Things Season 2 (the official trailer)

After months of teasing us with teasers, the Duffer brothers and Netflix have finally unveiled a proper trailer for the second season of their unexpected but runaway hit Stranger Things.  In the trailer, we are once again transported back to the fictional town of Harkins, where all should have been fixed, but clearly is not.  Will Byers seems to be still trapped between worlds and sees a monster that, dare I say it, seems Lovecraftian in its size and danger.

The second half of the trailer (which is set incredibly to both Vincent Price’s voice over from “Thriller” and Michael Jackson’s timeless vocals) shows us different glimpses of what to expect from the upcoming season, including the return of Eleven.  If this season can match the intensity and intrigue of the first, the Duffer brothers will have another hit on their hands.  The snag here is that now that people are expecting greatness, can it live up to the hype?  We will see on October 27th.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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