A Wrinkle in Time (the trailer)

Every once and awhile a trailer comes out that immediately makes you feel like a kid again.  A Wrinkle in Time ‘s trailer did just that for me.  Based upon the incredibly popular (and one of my favorites) tween book of the same name, the novel tells the story of Meg, her friend Calvin, and her younger brother Charles Wallace (who is a genius) and their adventures through time and space to rescue Meg’s father.  Along the way she is helped by Ms. Whatsit, Ms. Which, and Ms. Who, three celestial beings.

The book expertly finds a way to combine the incredibly complicated science of space and time and lessons such as the value of family and oneself all in a way which is accessible to young people.

The movie which boasts an all-star cast of Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Zach Galafanakis, Mindy Kaling, and the incredible Oprah Winfrey looks to have captured the weird and the wonderful of the novel.  Not to mention the trailer makes use of some incredible music as well.  Looks like Disney may have made a faithful adaptation.  We will see on March 9th.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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