Aladdin (the trailer)

After a couple of teaser that filled people with more doubts than hope, the official trailer has now been released, and hopefully it puts to rest many of the fears that people may have had.  Gone is the jarring image of a not-quite-finished CGI Will Smith as the Genie, and it has been replaced by a much more natural looking Will Smith with more polished CGI.

We also get our first look at Princess Jasmine (here played by Naomi Scott) who looks quite fitting in the role.  We also get our first look and listen to some of the musical numbers which look to be quite impressive and visually stunning.

It looks like Will Smith is going to do his own thing as the genie and not try and emulate Robin Williams iconic performance, which is welcome news.  We will have to wait and see if the film can match the charm of its live action counterpart.  View the trailer for yourself below:

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