Terminator: Dark Fate

After multiple failed attempting at continuing/rebooting the Terminator franchise, the filmmakers have return to their roots and are putting out a film that ignores all the events in the Terminator universe outside of Terminator 1 and one of the greatest science fiction films ever, Terminator 2.  James Cameron returns to the franchise as producer this time, and more importantly, Linda Hamilton returns as Sarah Connor.  Strangely this time, there is no mention of John Connor.  He may have possibly been killed, and someone may have risen up in his place, but of course that’s just a guess.  Either way, it seems as if there is still someone to protect to save the future and there is still a Terminator (albeit a cooler looking one) hot on their trail.  This go around Tim Miller (of directing Deadpool fame) takes the reigns.  Will this be the Terminator sequel that we finally deserve?  Only time will tell.  View the trailer below:

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