First official pictures from Avengers 2

Entertainment Weekly has released the first set of stills from the upcoming sequel to The Avengers (which is currently filming). This is in addition to the first shot that has been released of Ultron today. These pictures give us our first glance at Ultron, the films villain, and of Quicksilver (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson). The movie is due out next summer. You can view the picture of Ultron below, and view the other eight images here. Also included below is the concept art, for the much anticipated Hulkbuster suit supposedly to be worn by Tony Stark.







Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. sean says:

    Why is the Hulk fighting Big Hero 6?

    I’m really starting to dig your blog, now that it’s beginning to develop it’s own character. I think you’ve got something very cool going on here. Good job man.

    One thought: you can get rid of the “home” link from the menu near the top. I think it’s probably not necessary, as I can click on “The Dark Side” or the header photo. You have any thoughts on a logo? I can create it for you in photoshop if you have any ideas.


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