The Tick Returns!

Years ago, I came across a Saturday morning cartoon that inspired me while making me laugh incredibly hard. That show was named The Tick, and its quirky type of humor was way before its time. In fact, I would venture to say that if it had come out today, it would a staple on Cartoon Network’s adult swim. The show was about the Tick, who was a bumbling, but incredibly strong do-gooder who protected the city from such menaces as Chairface Chippendale and El Seed. He did this while wearing a blue tick outfit, and he was helped by his sidekick Arthur, who was a former accountant and wore a giant moth costume. The Tick was also aided by a trio of other superheroes: Die Fledermaus (later changed to Batmanuel for the live action show) , American Maid and Sewer Urchin. Together they formed a ridiculous group of vigilantes protecting the city from evil.

The cartoon was eventually transformed into a live action show, boasting perfect casting with Patrick Warburton playing the titular character; unfortunately the show never quite found its niche, was cancelled and was on its way fading into obscurity. As of a couple days ago, it was announced that the show was being revived again through Amazon with Patrick Warburton reprising his role as The Tick. Will the show retain that quirky brand of humor that made it such a cult classic? Hopefully, but I will definitely be eagerly awaiting its return. Spooooooooon!!

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