Arkham Knight Release Date Announced

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing the third (and possibly final) much anticipated game in the Batman: Arkham trilogy (yes I’m ignoring Arkham Origins) on June 2nd 2015. Originally the plan was to release the game this fall or winter, but Warner Bros decided to hold off to perfect the game and will be releasing it early next summer.

From my perspective, Arkham Asylum was a breath of fresh air when it came out. It was the perfect mixture of button mashing and incredible story, not to mention that it featured some of the greatest voice acting in history (Kevin Conroy as Batman and the immortal Mark Hamil as the Joker) Years later, Arkham City became the arguably greatest comic book video game in history by expanding the area in which you could play, and by coming up with one of the greatest storylines to grace the video game screen (simply watch the ending of the single player campaign to understand). Arkham Knight boats an even larger map, and the use of the legendary Batmobile. If the trend remains true, this should be the greatest of the Arkham games, as they have improved upon each of the previous entries. But only time will tell; will the third entry be better than the last two? Or will they go the route of so many failed trilogies? We will get our answer in the summer. In the meantime, you can read the whole story here at polygon.

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