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New Pics from the Star Wars set

The good people at Latino Review have posted some pictures from the currently filming Star Wars: Episode VII. The set seems to be a rebel base, much like the one on Yavin IV from Episode IV. The Millennium Falcon, along … Continue reading

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Duck Tales (with real ducks)

And now, in another moment which reminds us that with all the evil that the internet brings, there are still bright spots in it. Take for example this wonderful gem in which someone had enough free time to recreate the … Continue reading

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Arkham Knight Release Date Announced

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing the third (and possibly final) much anticipated game in the Batman: Arkham trilogy (yes I’m ignoring Arkham Origins) on June 2nd 2015. Originally the plan was to release the … Continue reading

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The Tick Returns!

Years ago, I came across a Saturday morning cartoon that inspired me while making me laugh incredibly hard. That show was named The Tick, and its quirky type of humor was way before its time. In fact, I would venture … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Lightsaber Battles

The staffers at came together to rank the top ten Star Wars lightsaber battles. The battles were ranked by “”inventiveness, choreography and emotional impact”. The results will be no doubt controversial. Here’s what I have to say: as visually … Continue reading

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