The Star Wars set security protocol

After talking to a source who talked to JJ Abrams recently, I learned a lot about how many precautions have been taken to make sure that nothing from the Star Wars shoot was leaked. So this is how your day would go if you worked on the set: You would arrive and get frisked; then you would go into a room and change into the clothes that the company approved; keep in mind if you had prescription glasses those would also have to be replaced by their prescription glasses. After that you would be frisked again. Inside the set, there was no Wi-Fi and the only internet was closed circuit. On set there was only one printer in a room with fifteen people, and all fifteen would have to sign off on anything that was printed. At the end of the day, all things that were printed were not only shredded, but then also burned. And that my friends is what it takes to prevent spoilers from leaking out. I for one applaud the lengths that they are going to.

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