Spider-Man enters the MCU

Sony and Marvel have finally reached an agreement that will allow Spider-man to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is great news for everyone who was wondering how they were going to attempt the Marvel Civil War without Spidey participating.

In other related news Sony has also gone on to announce that Andrew Garfield will no longer be playing the role of Spider-man. This means that they will have to recast the role. One would hope that they do not attempt another origin story, which by this point would be cliché and useless.

This begs the question: what then happens to the Sinister Six movie that was supposed to come out in 2016. Well, apparently that film has been put on hold. We’ll just have to wait to find out what happens. In the meantime, Marvel has now had to alter it’s release schedule to accommodate this change; here is their new upcoming release schedule.


May 1st 2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron

July 17th 2015: Ant-Man

May 6th 2016: Captain America: Civil War

November 4th 2016: Doctor Strange

May 5th 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

July 28th 2017: Untitled Spider-Man Reboot

November 3rd 2017: Thor: Ragnarok

May 4th 2018: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

July 6th 2018: Black Panther

November 2nd 2018: Captain Marvel

May 3rd 2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

July 12th 2019: Inhumans


Source: DarkHorizons

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