Spider-man to face off with new foe

After it was announced the Spider-man would be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people were very curious to see what Marvel’s take on the character would be. In talking about the new standalone Spider-man film, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel studios, indicated that in an effort to distance themselves from previous incarnations of Spider-man films they will be using a villain that has not been seen on screen before. He also indicated that the tone of this film will be quite different from the previous two series. He points out that the tone of this film will be more akin to a John Hughes coming of age story. It’s an interesting thought, since they are going with a much younger version of Spider-man in this go round. My thought is that if he is a freshman or sophomore in high school, then it would make sense for him to have an innocence to experience type of journey. In fact most heroes go through a version of this before they truly accept their destiny. Of course some of you may remember my thoughts on Spider-man’s “superhero-ness” when I wrote about it here, but I digress. We will see how well this experiment works in the near future when the next Spider-man movie hits theaters. In the meantime, Spider-man will make his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.



Source: Comic Book Resources

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