Justice League- the trailer (finally)

After an impressive reel at comic con and five (yes five) different teasers, Warners Brothers finally released the full trailer for their upcoming much anticipated (because it could either save or destroy the DC cinematic universe) Justice League.  I must say that the trailer looks mighty impressive.  Aside from the major change of having Batman (not Superman as in the comics) lead the league, the trailer looks and feels like those over a DC are on the right track.  And more importantly, Aquaman looks like a badass.  The trailer features ample shots of all the heroes involved:  Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg.  This trailer should put many people’s fear of Flash to rest.  He looks amazing.  And yes, I did recognize that Cyborg looks a little off putting; my guess is that his special effects are not completely finished.

It seems that we see some of the minions of Darkseid in the trailer, which makes sense because we know that Steppenwolf is going to be the villain.  For those of you who do not know Steppenwolf is a step or two down from the big boy himself.

Obviously missing from the trailer was Superman, who we last saw put to rest.  But the inclusion of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane may imply that he is yet to make an appearance.  Perhaps they are saving that for the second trailer.  Either way, the film comes out in November, after the release of Wonder Woman, so hopefully DC has begun to find their way.

You can view the trailer for yourself below:

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