The Justice League Teaser…

As has become custom as of late, Warner Brothers has released a teaser for Saturday’s upcoming full Justice League trailer.  This teaser (all 15 seconds of it) focuses on Aquaman, before giving us a brief glimpse of the full Justice League as a whole.  One of the questions that remains is: when will we see our first look at Superman?  Hopefully on Saturday.  The other question that remains is: can this movie right the DC ship?  We all remember Batman v Superman (a film that I enjoyed) and the mess that was Suicide Squad (which I reviewed here)  My guess is that this film and Wonder Woman will begin to set things right.   So, to all the naysayers out there, I say to give this film a chance on its own.  View the teaser for yourself below:

Update: They have added four new teasers featuring Batman, Flash, Cyborg & Wonder Woman.  All are below:

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