Where is The Last Jedi trailer?

Two years ago, we were treated to a teaser for Episode VII: The Force Awakens a full year before the release of the film.  And yes, while I understood that they needed to reignite the fire of Star Wars for the general public, they also wet our appetite for what was to come.  

Then four months out, we were treated to a proper trailer featuring iconic music and shots of the characters we had come to know and love.  

This begs the questions “Where is the trailer for The Last Jedi?”  Some months ago, we were treated to a teaser which seemed promising, but did not give us any real story details.  As of today, we are officially only three months away from the release of the film and still, no trailer.  There could be multiple reasons for this:  One, Disney knows they have a bonafide hit on their hands and do not want to go the rout of DC and spoil too much too early, leaving a surprise from the audience.  Two, Disney may already know that they are set to make over a billion on this film, so there is no need to waste money on media this early.  Three, Rian Johnson may want to play this one much closer to the vest and make people wait and wait to build anticipation.

Either way you look at it, we still do not have a trailer and no one seems to know when it is coming.  It’s safe to say that when it arrives, the internet will lose its collective mind.  Hopefully, it will all be worth it.

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3 Responses to Where is The Last Jedi trailer?

  1. Sean says:

    You missed the fourth option: the movie has problems and they know it. With all the director changes, reshoots and rewrites in the star wars universe of late, this is a distinct possibility. :/


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