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Your new friendly neighborhood Spider-man

After much speculation and a couple of false reports, Marvel and Sony have finally decided on who will be playing the web swinger in Marvel’s upcoming films. Previously, it was thought that Ender’s Game star Asa Butterfield had the role, … Continue reading

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The Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer arrives

The Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer has arrived and this time it seems that Poe’s long lost father has shown up. It seems as if this film will be a father/son journey with of course some hilarity ensuing. All the … Continue reading

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How James Earl Jones and Harrison Ford saved the universe

Now I can’t take credit for this, someone far more brilliant than I spent a hell of a lot of time figuring this out. I must say that it is definitely a fun and quick strip to go through. Enjoy!

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E3 (so far)

All year long gamers wait for E3 with baited breath, and this year especially the expo has not disappointed. The first out of the gates was Bethesda studios with their surprise announcement that their steam-punk inspired game Dishonored would be … Continue reading

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Han Solo’s first wife?

One of the interesting side effects of Disney taking over the Star Wars universe is that basically everything that is put out now is considered “In-cannon”. In the latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars comic a new character has been … Continue reading

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